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Integrations are as easy as 1-2-3

Embed a document using Crocodoc’s viewer in three quick steps:


Upload a document

Use our API to upload a document and start the conversion process. Your doc is converted to HTML5.


Create a viewing session

For security reasons, documents are not viewable until a temporary session is created using our API.


Embed a document

Use the session you generated in the previous step to embed the document in your web app.

API Overview

Upload documents and embed them within your website. Use our API Console to test the API without having to write any custom code.


API Libraries

To help you get up and running with Crocodoc as quickly as possible, we've created official API libraries for:

Webhook Notifications

Uploaded documents are converted asynchronously. Use webhooks to receive notifications whenever documents are ready for viewing.


For integrations that require direct access to the HTML5 we use for displaying documents, docviewer.js enables document embedding without use of a cross-domain iframe.